I've been searching the web for weeks now trying to find a sheet music version of Uninstall by Bokurano for the piano. With no luck so far, I finally tried piano-sheets.net and BAM, instantly, there it was on the front page. Uninstall is a pretty simple song, for me at least, but some of you might have trouble learning to play Uninstall by Bokurano on the piano. Start slow, maybe with the chorus, and practice, practice, practice!

I don't think I wrote this yet, so my cousin was visiting me the other day. That part's boring. He enjoys playing the piano. I asked him if he could give me a free lesson on how to play Uninstall. Uninstall by Bokurano is a challenging song. He started to improvise, then suggested that I print a sheet music arrangement for the piano. I looked on yahoo for a bit, and I finally found it at Piano-Sheets.

get free sheet music for Uninstall by Bokurano "Universe will re-arrange itself accordingly."

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